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If i have a warrent for misdemeanor violation of probation will i get stopped leavin the country??

Jacksonville, FL |

i still have my passport an was not told i couldnt leave when was on it

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  1. Not typically. It is always best to contact a criminal defense attorney in your jurisdiction and give them the full list of particular facts that surround your particular set of circumstances. Ask them about the state that you are leaving the country from and re-entering it into.

  2. Unlikely that you will be stopped leaving but quite possibly will be stopped re-entering the country.

  3. It's kind of a crap shoot on your part. You may get stopped on your way out. You're more likely to get stopped coming back through customs. But any law enforcement officer that conducts a warrants check will have the authority to detain you. Best to handle the VOP before you leave.

  4. I recently handled a matter like yours. A woman from Central Florida went on a cruise via Cape Canaveral. She departed for 7 days, came back, and was handcuffed in front of everyone upon her return.

    Why was she handcuffed and jailed? She failed to appear for a court hearing 21 years earlier!

    I agree that you should not expect to be stopped on your way out. You likely will be stopped - and thoroughly embarrassed - upon your return.

    Jeff Boston Legal (321.795.4232)

  5. You might. It depends on whether or not customs runs a background check. Imagine how you'd feel if you couldn't come back in because of the warrant. If this is your first violation, and you have a reasonable explanation, the Judge will probably reinstate your probation. You should consult with an attorney and fix this problem before trying to leave the country. Because leaving the country may be seen by the Judge as a blatant violation of your probation, and will just make matters worse in the long run.

    The answers given by this attorney are for educational and information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice, nor are they intended to create attorney/client relationship. You should seek legal counsel in your area to get legal advice concerning your particular circumstances.

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