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If i have a pre existing condition do I still have the right to workers comp

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I was hurt at work two months ago but have been unable to return thus far. I slipped on a greasy floor and reinjured myself. My employer insisted I got cleared for work but after I went to my doctor out of pocket she said she could not clear me because it was a workers comp issue. My employer told the hr department that I was just standing there and collapsed once I talked to them and assured them this was untrue they gave me a workers comp doctor. It has been two months and now they are saying due to discrepancies with my story and there's my claim is on a 90 day hold. Since I have a preexisting condition is this worth pursuing?

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You can bring a claim even if you have a preexisting condition if it made it worse. See
Whether it is worth pursuing depends on whether the accident made the preexisting condition significantly worse, etc. You have not said what you injured so it is hard to answer this.



It did hurt for awhile but I think that it is better now I was just trying to recover loss of wages but is there something else I shud be going for?

Marjory Harris

Marjory Harris


How many days of lost time?


Yes. Retain a local workers compensation lawyer. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to located a top-rated Avvo attorney with a low contingency fee. Good luck.

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Yes as long as the pre existing condition was aggravated by the work activity. It can affect how the claim is handled by the insurance co, and it may be denied, so talk to a workers compensation attorney near you.

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yes you can. if you were employed and the injury arose out of work related duties or activities then you have a claim and the employer is stuck with whether or not your preexisting condition was aggravated. That is one of the chief differences between PI and WC. Talk to a lawyer.

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