If i have a judgement against me, can i make an offer to settle for less if i am able to make one time payment to resolve it

have 2 judgements and would like to resolve them for less then i owe, i cannot afford the full amount

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Jimmy Allen Davis

Jimmy Allen Davis

Arbitration Lawyer - Deltona, FL

Certainly you can make an offer. You need to arrive at a deal where you pay what you can and they file a satisfaction of judgment. Otherwise they can just take the money and keep hounding you for the rest. It will be up to them whether they take the deal or not.

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Bonita M. Riggens

Bonita M. Riggens

Employment / Labor Attorney - Saint Petersburg, FL

Consult with an attorney to make sure any agreed upon payment is the final resolution.

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Jacques Tushinsky-Fox

Jacques Tushinsky-Fox

Business Attorney - Studio City, CA

You absolutely can make offers to settle for less. You want to make sure that if you reach an agreement with a creditor that you obtain a full release agreement. A lawyer would be very helpful in respect to negotiating on your behalf and making sure that the release agreement is correctly drafted to protect you.

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