If I have a furlough granted for house arrest but the fax never went through, will I get arrested if I go to work?

Asked over 1 year ago - Minneapolis, MN

I recently was sentenced a stay of adjudication, received 17 days house arrest. I was supposed to be able to leave for work, however, something was screwed up in the paperwork. I was granted a furlough but apparently it wasn't received by the home monitoring place.
I called my lawyer, who in turn yelled at me, even though i blame him for not looking over the paperwork and then advises me to go to work, although the proper paperwork isn't received and they said i'd be arrested if I left.
Since I will most likely be fired tomorrow, I cannot afford the rest of the 1500 dollars i owe this person.
He said he doesn't know what to tell me about the situation and all he cares about is getting his money. I wish i had a different lawyer through this whole thing.

Attorney answers (1)

  1. Kaarin Steen Nelson

    Contributor Level 9

    Answered . You are in a tough spot. You could try calling your probation officer and explaining the situation to them. That way when home monitoring is notified that you've left your house your probation officer won't issue an warrant. But you are definitely risking it by leaving the house because your monitor will be triggered and if your probation officer doesn't know that you should be at work you could be violated. You could also ask your lawyer to call probation. If you don't know who your probation officer is, call the court and they'll put you through to probation. If your case was in Hennepin County, you can also try 612-348-9225 or 612-348-2110. Good luck.

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