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If i have a arrest warrant can i get arrested in the airport

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can i get arrested in the airport for not going to court

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That is highly doubtful; bench warrants (especially misdemeanor warrants) remain in what is called the criminal information index, which is a state database used by law enforcement. No warrant checks are done when checking into a flight. As a general rule and practical matter, you should clear up the warrant, however, which is a simple matter of going to the courthouse where the warrant was issued. Go to the clerk's office and let a counter clerk know that you're there for a warrant recall. If you FTA'd to do jail time, however, you'll probably be immediately remanded into custody. Good Luck & God Bless.


you have a greater chance of being arrested if your travel has you out of the country. Upon your return you may be arrested.


Many arrest warrants are not even in the system and are simply being held by a particular law enforcement agency until they pick a person up. Whereas a bench warrant is issued by a court and much more likely to be found and acted upon by airport law enforcement. I have many clients who retain me that have been arrested in the airport based on an arrest warrant and / or bench warrant. Since 911 and the advent of Homeland Security the airports are much more vigilent regarding checking identification and a person's status. You are much more likely to be arresting coming back from going out of the country. In some instances I have been able to get a particular judge to recall a warrant in order for my client to be able to come into the country without getting arrested and resolved their matter.

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