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If I got charged with misdemeanor (but no arrest), and performed what the court wants, does the charge get removed from record?

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I got charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor, a misdemeanor. However, the D.A. gave me an offer to complete 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings along with 10 days of community labor, and then the charge would become dismissed. I was never arrested. After I complete all of that, will the charge be expunged and removed permanently from my record?

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It will not be expunged. It will show as a dismissal.

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No, expungement is a separate motion and procedure.

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It should show as a dismissal. Expungement is a separate procedure, but it won't help you since the end result of an expungement is a dismissal and you have that already.

The only thing I can think of to remove the misdemeanor from your record (aside from a governor's pardon) is a sealing on the basis of factual innocence. Those, however, require meeting a very high standard -- so high, in my experience, that it is rarely granted.


The answer provided above is based upon California and/or New York law and is based solely upon the limited information provided by the poster. No attorney-client relationship is created. A future in-person consultation may reveal additional facts that may change the answer provided.

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