If I go into a court hearing concerning a 647b case in San Diego without my own attorney, what can I expect to happen?

Asked almost 2 years ago - San Diego, CA

I am having a hard time coming up with the retainer that a private attorney wants to represent me and I am a bit apprehensive about the defense that the P.D. will provide for me. Am I allowed to go in and ask the court for more time to hire my own attorney?

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    Answered . Yes. Request a continuance and then consult with the attorneys here on AVVO for some help.

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    Answered . Yes, absolutely. Ask the court for a short continuance for the purpose of retaining an attorney. Let them know that you have been diligently seeking counsel and that you are close to obtaining cousnel. It is common for the court to grant an additional two weeks. Good luck.

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    Answered . There are many reasonably priced criminal defense attorneys with experience in San Diego who are on AVVO. Most of us will offer you a free consultation and give you a quote over the phone. The best thing for you to try and do is to hire an attorney prior to the court date so that the attorney can make certain that any new court dates will work with his calendar.
    If you explain to most judges that you have met with an attorney and are ready to hire him, and provide the judge with the attorney's name, assuming the judge knows the attorney, it generally isn't a problem getting the case continued once for a couple of weeks for arrangement.


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    Answered . Assuming this is your first scheduled arraignment, the Judge should not be too much of an obstacle in continuing the hearing a few weeks so you can retain counsel. However, it might be best to at least consult with the attorney from the PD's office to see what, if anything, your case can resolve for...assuming you are interesting in resolving the case.

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    Answered . It seems that you just asked this question and received two (2) answers. Asking it again will not get you more answers. If you just leave your question, several attorneys are likely to pipe in over time.

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    Answered . I agree with several of my colleagues on AVVO. First, Court's are usually rather forgiving in the first couple of hearings as you have a right to counsel of your choice. However, I would caution you against requesting too many continuances. Judges are also under some pressure to move cases along and there are speedy trial right issues at play as well. Second, AVVO has some very well qualified and reasonably affordable Criminal Defense Attorneys. You should be able to find someone to suit your needs here.

  7. Answered . As a former District Attorney and former City Attorney I have seen people continue the arraignment to secure the retainer. It is also a good time to collect the facts and sit down with your attorney.
    It is key that you hire the best locally experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you that you can afford. You should obtain a free consultation as soon as possible. Good luck.

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