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If I get sole custody/placement of my child, do I still collect child support?

Mukwonago, WI |

My soon-to-be ex is willing to give me full placement and custody, with occasional visitations. Do i still get child support? Or does this mean he is completely out of my daughter's life (money wise)? Thank you!

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    Yes. Your ex has a continuing child support obligation which can not be waives by you. His obligation for payment of child support would only discontinue if his parental rights were terminated in children's court and a step parent adoption took place by your new spouse, if you choose to do so.

  2. Child support is determined using DCF150. If you search "WI DCF150" you will be able to review the guidelines for yourself, but...

    If he has less than 25% placement then you have Primary Placement and that means with one child you receive 17%, for two children it is 25%, three children it is 29%...

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  3. The way your question is worded, you seem to be under the impression that the father "pays" you for the right to have placement with his children. Generally speaking, child support and periods of placement are separate issues. The exception is that as the placement schedule approaches shared placement (50/50), there is a formula that is used to calculate the support. You may learn about this at:

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  4. Even parents with no placement have a duty to support a child. If you have one child together, he would pay 17% of his gross income to you as child support. That should be done through a court order, with automatic wage garnishment to ensure that you receive the required support. He must also inform you of his actual income so support can be set at the correct amount.

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  5. To explain further, custody doesn't affect whether or not child support is paid. Custody is the right to make decisions regarding children. For example, the doctors, dentists,daycare providers, schools and activities in school or outside of school are important decisions that have to be made. If you have sole custody that means that the other parent can not make those decisions or any other decisions. Child support is paid based on the amount of time that a parent has with the child(ren).

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