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If i get my 1st degree warrant Quashed & Misdemeanor case dissmissed. would that effect in any way my U.S. paper work.

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my wife is a u.s. citizen and so is my new born daughter and i recently got my case dismissed and warrant quashed and we are filing paper work for me real soon and just want to know if im facing any future problems. I AM I FIRST TIME OFFENDER.

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You need to sit down with an experienced immigration attorney in your area before your wife files your case.

All arrests/convictions can have an impact. An experienced attorney to help determine what you can expect and how best to prepare your case.

You can obtain referrals for attorneys in your area from this site or from

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I agree with Mr. Taylor.

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When applying for citizenship, the government will look at the last 5 years of your life to determine whether you have "good moral character." Good moral character is defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act, case law, and administrative memorandums. Certain criminal offenses can preclude a finding of good moral character. Even if the case was dismissed, if the government (USCIS) determines that you made an admission under the law to the elements of the offense, they can make a determination that you lack good moral character under the law. Also, certain dismissed cases could be considered convictions or admissions under immigration law that could make you deportable under the law. Anytime you have a prior criminal case and are applying for benefits with USCIS, you should consult with an immigration attorney to determine whether that criminal case will have negative immigration consequences.

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