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If i get a money gift do i have to report on my taxes?

Everett, WA |

if i get a money gift do i have to report it on my taxes

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If the money is truly a gift, regardless of the amount, the money is not taxable income to the recipient (here, you) and is not a tax deduction for the giver/donor. If in a tax year the donor gives you above a certain amount (currently, $13000), the donor would have to file a gift tax return to report the gift. However, unless the donor has given away more than the lifetime exempt amount, the donor needs only to file the tax return and does not need to pay the gift tax now unless the donor wants to pay.

Whether the money is a gift depends on the facts that are missing from your post. Calling the money a gift does not necessarily make the money a gift. For example, if you receive money for some services you do for the donor, the money likely is not a gift.

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