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If I fly out of state while on probation,will the airline know I'm on probation and/or will my probation officer be notified

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If I fly out of state while on probation,will the airline know I'm on probation and/or will my probation officer be notified?I've heard that airlines only check for warrants and that the only way my probation officer will find out I flew out of state is if I get arrested while on vacation.

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Travel restrictions are sometimes imposed by the Court or the probation officer as a condition of the probation. Leaving the State under those circumstances consitutes a basis for filing a VOP. You should have a copy of the conditions imposed on you because you are expected to abide by them. Here in NJ we have had cases where clients did this and were violated. This required them to appear in front of the same judge who originally sentenced them to explain and defend the VOP, and subjected them to being resentenced. On the other hand, we have obtained permission from the Court for clients not only to travel, but to travel outside the country, while on probation and while charges were pending. Whether the airlines will pick up on this is a guess, and I suggest you discuss whether you need permission to travel with your lawyer or another experienced defense lawyer licensed to practice law in TN before you travel. Good luck.

This information is offered for informational purposes only, as I do not practice law in your State. It is not intended as legal advice and you should not rely upon it to decide how to resolve this issue. No Attorney-Client relationship is intended or established by this response. You are faced with a situation where you need to consult with an experienced defense lawyer admitted to practice law in your State before you make any decisions as to how to resolve this issue.


Mr Bailey's answer is avery good one and I hesitate to supplement it. I would only emphasize that if you have any doubts about anything you are doing while on probation ask your PO. Far better that you labor under his restrictions than that you get violated. When you are violated the maximum possible sentence under the original charge could be imposed. I'm not saying it will be but it could. People who run risks with probation are what I call my repeat customers.

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