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If I do an investment in gas station and obtain E2 visa, could I obtain work permit to work in another company in USA?

Tampa, FL |

I'd like to manage my investment in gas station at the same time I would like to work in another company in the USA. Thank you very much.

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No, you would only be eligible to work for the E-2 business. If you are married and your wife qualifies for E-2 visa, sometimes putting business in spouse's name can help in a situation like yours as a dependent spouse is eligible for a work perit.

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As the E-2 Principal, you cannot work outside the investment vehicle for the E-2.


As my colleagues correctly point out ... you can only work at the gas station with your E-2.

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Agree with those that have already answered. Unlike the EB-5 which results in a green card, the E-2 only allows you to work at the business in which you've invested.


How much do you have to invest? There are other options than the E2 visa if you have sufficient funds.

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I have to invest about 200.000 dollars


No, you wouldn't be able to. However, perhaps if you are married, your spouse can be the principal on your E-2 visa. As the spouse of an E-2 principal, you would be eligible to receive work authorization and would not have to work for the E-2 enterprise. There may be other strategic options to accomplish your goals as well. I would strongly suggest consulting with an immigration attorney. Best of luck!

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