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If i decline the offer by DA will they give me another one or it will lead me to trial?

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I have a money laundering case, its 1.5 years old because the dont really have enough evidence against me. The case is for 70k but the offer is 3 years of probation 52k$ to pay and a felony record. I dont wanna take that offer because i dont have that kind of money and can not have felony too. So is it worth it to hire an attorney and will he give me a better offer than my public defender that i have now?

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  1. It will depend on the facts. Right now no one knows the facts better than you and you attorney. So does your attorney say?

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  2. If you won't take the offer, you are likely going to trial. The offer isn't likely to get much better than probation. If a new attorney comes in, it will depend on what additional evidence can be developed to make the DA change its position. Merely getting a new lawyer may not be a game changer. You need to have someone able to persuade the DA their case is garbage and you're willing to go to trial.

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  3. I agree with my colleagues.

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  4. I agree with each of my colleagues comments and add a few more: Unless you have the financial resources for private counsel to thoroughly investigate your case, make the necessary motions, and take it to trial -- I very much doubt you will get a better deal down the road just because you have private counsel. In fact, the offer may disappear. You do not state where you are at in the process. Many times, if you are able to play the game long enough, the offer will improve with time. BTW, if charges were filed against you they have enough evidence to take the case to trial. Good luck.

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  5. My colleagues are correct. The case will be driven by the facts and the evidence, not necessarily by who serves as your attorney. Put another way, don't expect the offer to get better simply because you bring in a private defense attorney.

  6. I agree with my colleague. It all depends on the facts of the case, the evidence already collected and so many more things. If you are concerned with the Felony on your background, it can be expunged but you will have it for a while. Everything else depends on the facts of your case.

  7. The District Attorney needs to be persuaded by an attorney who is working up a vigorous defense for you to get a better deal. Private attorneys are paid to be just your attorney whereas Public Defenders often have 100s of cases and not much time to put into your case. Money Laundering cases are often complex and time consuming. So you need a lawyer to put in the time. Putting in the time is what gets better results. It is up to you if your PD is not doing the job. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like a free consult.

    Brian Michaels
    Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney