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If I break a lease, am I still entitled to the security deposit?

Portland, OR |

Informed landlord of loss of income and the potential of being unable to fulfill payments in the future. He asked if he could market the house for a new tenant, I agreed. A new tenant was found shortly after and he requested I vacate and turn over keys roughly one week prior to the new tenants arrival, I agreed. He was unable to attend any walk thru, but was satisfied with the condition of the rental. It has been 31 days and I have requested return of the security deposit. He has responded by claiming "several hundred dollars in damage", 28 hours watering the lawn and caring for landscaping, 22 hours marketing the property and securing a new lease, and 18 hours cleaning all at 50.00 an hour. In addition, most of the items listed damaged were a replaced show curtain and a drawer hadle

Attorney Answers 1

  1. After the tenancy terminates and once possession is turned over to the landlord, they have a month to either completely refund your security deposit, or to give you a written explanation of the reasonable charges.

    If you want to know for sure whether your landlord has complied with the law, please give me a call at (503) 592-0606 so I can ask you specific questions about your situation.