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If I believe my vote in an election was diluted by an ineligible candidate on the ballot, what would be my cause of action?

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If I believe my vote in an election was diluted by an ineligible candidate being allowed on the ballot , what would be my cause of action ? Would it be an infringement on my freedom of expression ( 1st amendment ) or of my 14th amendment rights or infringement of my civil rights ? Also , laws / duties of the BU were omitted , therefore allowing this ineligible candidate on the ballot . . . would that be another cause of action ( fraud , dereliction of duty , malfeasance , neglect ) ?

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You do not have a personal cause of action. Whatever "damages" you suffered were not localized or specific to you-- they were (allegedly) borne by all voters of the State of Maryland.

Lodge a complaint and make your concerns heard by contacting the Maryland State Board of Elections:

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Dotty Elaine Lemieux

Dotty Elaine Lemieux


Not sure what you mean by your vote was "diluted?" Not counted? Were you a candidate on the ballot as well? Assuming what the first answerer states is a correct understanding of the issue, you should contact the elections department and lodge a complaint.

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