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If I am sued can I protect my assets/home/savings by putting them in my husband's name?

Princeton, NJ |
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I may be named as part of the non-profit board/and or as an individual in a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit. While the likelihood of the case prevailing is slim, we live in a notoriously corrupt area, so its not unimaginable. If I put our home in my husband's name will that protect it? What other assets can be protected in this way? Are their time constraints on doing this sort of thing? Should joint accounts be made only in my husband's name? Or is this all just very wrongheaded? What are the legal pros and cons? Our board does have D&O insurance, but again these people might just sue everyone and their brother to force the public to give up. Its worked before.

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The kind of information you are requesting should only be discussed directly with an attorney. You are basically asking a blue print on how to avoid paying a possible judgment.

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