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If I am single and only have myself as a dependant can I be considered head of household

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wages are being garnished for credit card judgement

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    Not likely. But, you're still entitled to a limited exemption that applies to a person that is not a head of household. See Florida Statute, 222.11(2)© and (3). Her is the link.

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  2. No. Actually, head of household is the wrong term. The law states "head of family". Here is the definition from the Florida statute.

    (c) “Head of family” includes any natural person who is providing more than one-half of the support for a child or other dependent.

  3. You cannot be your own dependent. You have to have another human being as a dependent to whom you are providing more than 50 % support.

    Your wages can and will be garnished if a credit card company has a judgment against you.

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