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If I am on probation and I do not finish paying my fines or my communtiy service can the judge give me something other than jail

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If I am on probation and I do not finish paying my fines but I am on deferred ajudication and if my probation officer takes me back to see the judge. What will most likely happen? Even if it was a first offense? Due to the fact that my record was clear before this incident happend? Will I most likely be given jail time or is there any possible way the judge can put me on probation again??

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The judge has many options - s/he can revoke your probation, extend your probation, and add a variety of conditions to your probation. If you are not about to finish the probation, the judge can simply admonish you about getting the community service and fines paid. The judge can even do nothing and just let your probation continue.

It is most important that you continue to report every time. You should also get your community service completed as soon as possible. You should also make at least some payment every time you go to probation - your best effort to pay off what you owe. (If the judge ends up extending your probation, it just means more costs for you. This would not help you.)

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