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If i am not properly served a subpoena do i have to appear

Newport News, VA |

Im a victim in dv case and i dont want to testify or press charges i cant remember all the details of what occured that day. I dont want to get in any trouble.i miscarried 3 babies prior to this dv situation and i am severly depressed im on depression medicine and sometimes cant remember things that happened yesterday and this happened over 7 months ago. I need help!

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You need to reveal in what way you think service of subpoena was improper.

  2. Having read your added comments I would caution you that "tacking" or leaving the subpoena with another person might well be adequate service. Never fail to show for a hearing without consulting an attorney. Ducking a subpoena rarely works out for the best. Failing to show up can be a disaster.

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