If I am no longer driving -at all, do I still need to install an ignition interlock device?

Asked 11 months ago - Palmdale, CA

I was convicted of a DUI in 2011. I completed all court ordered penalties, paid total fees and probation also ended. The dmv later issued an IID installation to my vehicles even though my license was already suspended. I am still not driving, do i still need to get the IID installed?

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  1. Troy Slaten


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    Answered . You can submit a declaration of non-ownership to DMV and they will not require an IID; however, you will have an IID restricted license when you get your license returned. This means that you cannot legally drive any vehicle (except an employers in some cases) without an IID.

  2. Michael Jon Fremont


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    Answered . It's the vehicle that needs the IID if you don't own a vehicle you don't
    need an IID

  3. Robert Laurens Driessen

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    Answered . Yes you either need to install an IID or you need to submit paperwork with the DMV stating that you do not own a vehicle.
    Robert Driessen

    Mr. Driessen is a former Deputy DA in Orange County with over 8 years of criminal law experience. Nothing stated... more
  4. Peter John Marek

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    Answered . If the vehicles are registered in your name than the answer is Yes. Your court docket should indicate the length of time the interlock is required. DMV imposes it's own time periods. It is common for people without a license to drive anyway. Promising not to drive will not do. Interlock devices are expensive and will be required on all vehicles registered in your name. Good Luck, I hope this was helpful. If you had an attorney call him or her and have them give you the particulars. I,m surprised this has not been explained to you. You can also call DMV mandatory actions for an explanation.

  5. Andrew Stephen Roberts


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    Answered . I am not certain I understand your question. When you are able to drive you will have to get IID Installed on car. You can check with DMV Mandatory Actions Unit for more clarification .

    Andrew Roberts

    Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777
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