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If I am already on court supervision in Illinois and get another speeding ticket, what happens to my license?

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I was on my way back to my house to get my license for a job I just recieved and was pulled over. I was doing 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. I had gone to court in Febuary for a speeding ticket and paid it and recieved court supervision.

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Any three moving violations convictions within a twelve month period in Illinois result in a statutory suspension of the driving privileges in Illinois for three months. You question does not present clearly your traffic offenses background, therefore, it is hard to state at present whether your court supervision will be violated by a subsequent traffic conviction, if you get convicted of that.
For instance, if there is a first DUI related supervision of 18 months supervision and subsequently a person receives a conviction later on for a traffic offense that may trigger a violation of the order of supervision, depending on its conditions. It may be advisible to discuss your particulars with an attroney for further guidance.

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Court supervision is not a conviction. As long as it stays that way, your driver's license is not in jeopardy simply because you received another ticket. However, you should consider retaining the services of an attorney. These things have a way of compounding quickly. For instance, it is possible the second ticket might cause a revocation of the supervision in the first case, and if convicted in the second case you will then either be suspended (if you are under 21) or be in a position for suspension if you pick up a third. Also, you may only receive court supervision twice within any rolling 12 month period in Illinois, so consider what you'll do about this ticket carefully.

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