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If I am a co-owner of a car, can I legally take the car away from the other person if they are making late payments?

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My brother and I own a car together. I have not made any payments towards the car. He has made 5 late payments on the car so far. Is there any way I can legally take the car away since its in my name also? I would like to do so because its effecting my credit score in a negative way.

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The easiest way to handle this is to go to the lender and see if they will reform the contact where you are the sole debtor and owner of the car, or you come to some agreement that you will take out a new loan and by out the old loan. This presumes your brother will go along with this and give you the car in exchange for being let out of the debt and also presumes you have great credit and the means of paying the loan by yourself. If not, consider this to be a valuable lesson to never get into a debt arrangement with your brother in the future.

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