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If husband filed for divorce but is not currently moving the process along, is there anything I can do to speed things up?

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My husband filed for divorce. I proposed a settlement agreement, he came back with his own; I disagreed. He changed his agreement so that it basically said what mine said originally. I agreed to it, signed/notarized the papers, and returned to his attorney (I am pro se) a month ago. Nothing has happened since, and according to the court case status website, nothing else has been done or filed. What's the next step, and is there anything I can do to move things along?

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  1. If the settlement agreement has been filed, then the case can be set for Final Hearing. Contact your husband's attorney to get this done. You didn't mention whether you had children, if so, you also need to file a Parenting Plan. Good luck.

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  2. If they are not pushing it along, then file a motion to have a case management conference scheduled. At that time that attorney can tell the court where the case is standing. If they are not doing anything at all you can file a motion to schedule it for trial. That always gets things going.
    Good Luck

  3. You should contact the judge's office and ask to set a case management conference where not only would both sides explain to the judge what issues remained unresolved, but you can ask the judge to set a timetable to keep the case moving. An alternative would be to schedule a mediation in the case in order to get the parties to both agree that a settlement had been reached, in which case a final hearing can be scheduled. Since you are doing this pro se, you need to remember that you need to coordinate dates for any hearings or mediation with your husband's attorney and send out and file notices for the agreed upon dates. Good luck!

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