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If husband & I have a voluntary separation agreement in MD & I move back to VA, do I have to come back to MD to file for divorce

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Husband was MD resident. I was VA resident. We were married in 2007 in Italy. Lived in MD after marriage. Separated in May 2011 and have lived separate & apart since then. We signed a voluntary separation agreement in May 2011. While we were married, he constantly 'hacked' into my email accounts. This has continued during the year we've been separated. I have done all the necessary steps (many times) to change email addresses, passwords, etc but he continues. He even hacked into my iphone. A couple of days ago, all of my jewelry was stolen. Police came out. No sign of forced entry. I don't feel safe... especially, since I've learned he may be in a position of losing his job. He has anger issues. I am moving back to VA because I'm afraid of him. Will I be able to file for divorce there?

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  1. You should be able to. Contact a VA attorney now to ask that question again before you move. Most states have a residency requirement which is usually 90 days of consecutively living in the state. I do not know what it is for VA. Then you should be able to file. You probably should get a restraining order before you move. Have you contacted the police about your jewelry?

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