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If cops were called does that guarantee a court date?

Silverdale, WA |

Cops were called when I shoplift it was under $100 does that guarantee a court date? If so when will it come in the mail?

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  1. I think we discussed this already. Be patient, other attorneys from your state will respond.

  2. No, just because the police are called does not mean that you will have a court date.
    The amount of the shoplifting is irrelevant. I have seen cases involving a can of coke and some candy bars.
    If the police actually arrived, then it is more likely that you will get a court date, but not necessarily.
    In any case, there is no way to predict when the court date will come, even if a charge is filed. It could be a few months, or even more than a year. If you have not heard anything for a few months, then you should contact an attorney to determine if a court case was filed but you did not get notice for some reason.
    Ultimately, you should hire an attorney now if you can afford one, even before charges are filed. There are ways to negotiate with the store to help avoid a criminal charge, but it is unlikely that you can do it on your own, especially given your willingness to tacitly acknowledge your guilt on this public forum.

  3. Likely, but not guaranteed no. There is no way to know when it will come, sorry.

  4. In Silverdale? As close to a guarantee as you are ever going to get. You will have ways to keep the charge off your criminal record. Some are quick and cheap, some are slow and expensive.
    I would recommend you not wait for a court date. If you act quickly, a good attorney might be able to get the case resolved out of court, so there is never even a charge filed against you.

  5. It may depend on your age and your history. If you are close between 17 and 18 they may be deciding to charge you in juvenile court or district court? Be patient and pray that they forget about it and not charge you. Talk to an attorney now so that you are ready if they do charge you.

  6. You should receive something in the mail directing you to come to court on a specific date and time.

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