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If convicted of dwi, how long will it remain on your record?

Oneonta, NY |

A 21 year old friend of mine was riding in his vehicle as a passenger, with a friend driving. They had both been drinking. They were involved in a minor accident. My friend told the driver to run away before the police came, as the driver had received a DUI only a month earlier- the boy was genuinely trying to help his friend, and took the rap for him. Now he is facing fines and lawyers fees that although the boy who ran promised to help pay, now won't. With text messages from this boy admitting he was driving and ran away as evidence, is there any chance the DUI charge could be dropped against the guy who took the rap if the truth came to light? What is the average cost of counsel for DUI or dwi?

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  1. Cost if a good dwi attorney will vary, however, if what you are saying is true it should not be difficult to get a good plea or acquittal especially if your friend is a first time offender.

  2. Your friend should hire an experienced DWI/DUI attorney without delay. There is plenty going on here that an attorney can work with. There are many excellent attorneys here on AVVO if you want to find one you can select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.

    This is not intended as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship exists because of this response.

  3. Your friend can use the subpoena power of the court to force the other guy to come to court to testify, but if he lies under oath it will be possible for the jury to still find your friend guilty. The case is difficult because your friend took the rap at first and said he was the one driving. He will not make a credible witness in his own defense if he changes his story now, even with the explanation. He needs a good DWI attorney, and there are several candidates on this website. He or you can call a few of them to get an idea of the fee ranges in your particular area.

  4. You need to hire a skilled DWI trial lawyer in your area. The only way the charge will be removed from his record is with an acquittal after trial. Good luck.

  5. DWI is an unclassified misdemeanor (i.e., a crime) in New York. It remains on your record forever.

  6. The best way to find out what the cost for representation in Oneonta is to call around there for experienced DWI attorneys. If convicted, the conviction will be accessible via DMV, if not other databases for as long as computers exist for mankind.

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  7. On your driving record it only says for 25 years, however on your criminal record it stays forever.

    This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)

  8. A DWI is a unclassified misdemeanor which will remain on your penal law record for life. There is no way to vacate the conviction. The average cost for counsel to varies. Some lawyers take a partial fee to try to settle a case. Other lawyers charge to handle the case through trial. The answer will depend on whether the district attorney's office has a police against plea reductions.

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