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If charged with Attpted 2nd % murder. Story was fabricated. If the accuser recinds story/refuses to cooperate can it be dropped

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It was a DV dispute. Husband actually punched me in face, shoved me down and sliced open foot by door. I left house to go to ER. He knew he was in trouble, panicked took knife scratched him self on arm fabricated story that I attacked him with knife and said I was going to kill him. he refused medical care at scene. I was arrested with Battery and Attempt 2nd degree murder charge. If he recinds his statement or does not cooperate with state can this be dropped or will the state pursue this conviction. I live in florida .... I have lost my job with no questions asked, due to this and have no money really to defend myself. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.....

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If you cannot afford an attorney, my best advice would be for you to request the appointment of a public defender.

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Has the state filed formal charges against you yet? I would suggest your husband calls the state attorney and tell them the truth.

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Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Harry Edward Hudson Jr


I do not.however, anticipate that your husband will tell the state the real facts. I would also expect the state to not consider the statement that he cut himself.


Can it be dismissed? Yes. Whether it is dismissed is up to the DA.


The State is the only the party that can drop charges. Your Husband cannot drop charges since he is not a party but only a witness in the case. Even though times are tough for you, I would strongly suggest hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to repesent you. These are serious charges and as you can see are a life changing event. There are several excellent attorneys on this site that practice in Orlando that can assist you. Good Luck

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The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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