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If caught selling 7 bags of heroine to an undercover cop, how much jail time or what kind of sentencing would be expected ?

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first time offense defendent is 20 years old and has agreed to co-operate however. he was seen being arrested and is now being referred to as a snitch and no one wants to make contact with him. in this situation how will the law prosecute?

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This person needs a good criminal defense attorney immediately. Depending on the amount of drugs he was trying to sell to the undercover police officer, he could be facing a mandatory minimum state prison sentence of 2 to 4 years, or more.

It is possible for the local district attorney's office to "de-mandatorize" his charges, but that probably would only be part of a deal after substantial co-operation. And simply offering to co-operate is usually not enough- law enforcement expects defendant to be pro-active in their co-operation, since it is the defendant who will benefit from reducing an otherwise long prison sentence.

But again, these are extremely serious charges requiring expert legal help immediately.

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Depends on the weight, the judge, whether cooperation panned out and the DA's opinion. You should consult with an experienced local defense attorney. As it is a felony, jail time is a possibility.
Good luck

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