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If back child support is owed and the children are grown, can the children go after it?

Elliston, VA |

My dad hasn't paid child support since I was 4 yrs old and my brother was 2 yrs old. I've heard that the children can go after the father to get the owed back child support. Everytime our mother went after him, it always slipped through the cracks because we are in VA and he was in LA and now in GA. I have his address and think that he should have to pay, he helped make us and should have been helping take care of us. He had 2 other children after me and my brother and had to pay child support and they are in LA and he is in GA. Can you please advise if my brother and I can go after him or if our mother still has to and if there is anyone else that can help get the money owed besides Support Enforcement (DCSE). Thank you

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A lot depends on how you are now and in what state the order of child support was entered. Some states have a limit on how long anyone can collect back support. You need to talk to an experienced family law attorney from the jurisdiction where the child support order was entered--show them a copy of the order too.

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