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If an item that does not belong to you sits on your property for over 60 days, does the item become yours?

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My boss passed away and I have had his ice cream truck sitting in the driveway of the property I rent since January. I would like to keep the truck and make a legitimate business out of it(as was intended before he passed), but the lawyers that are handling his assets will not answer any of my questions. I'm mostly afraid that they will come and wrongfully take the truck from me.

the problem is that there aren't any papers for the truck; so we don't know exactly who owns it. Does this change the answer at all? All we know is that my boss paid for the truck and was fixing it up for about a year before he passed.

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No, it doesn't automatically become yours after 60 days. Which means that, if someone acting on behalf of the estate comes and takes the truck, it's not necessarily wrongful at all.

If you had any actual claim to the truck, then you ought to contact a probate attorney to negotiate with the executor of the estate and secure your claim. But unless you actually have some reason to think it's yours besides 'it's been on my property' and 'we don't know for sure who owns it,' then it's a non-starter.

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is there any way that I can make sure that I can buy it? This is the original question that I wanted from the lawyers handling his estate. I'm scared that I won't even get the opportunity to buy it because I guess it could just be towed away at any moment. I guess I just don't understand what is taking so long for me to get an answer on whether or not I will get the opportunity to buy it.



Also, thank you for your help.

Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin


We don't even know who owns it, so I can't think of any way to guarantee that.


No, it doesn't. The truck belongs to your boss' estate (or his business, if he had one)......not you.


No, there's no automatic 60 day rule.

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