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If a school caused me registration and loan problems about 15 yrs ago and then I recently called them to fix it for me and they

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said yes and promised me a refund and then after that changed their mind and said no. cqan I still sue now. I have documents where they promised to refund me and then reneged from this montth 2014

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  1. It will depend on the manner and timing of both the registration/loan problems, their promise to fix it, and your request to fix it.

    Seek the services of a contracts attorney for a more definite answer.

    This does not constitute legal advice or the engagement of my services as an attorney.

  2. Yes, although the statute of limitations would have run their acknowledgement of the debt in writing and failure to pay gives you the ability to sue.

  3. The facts presented are too limited to really give a complete answer. Best to consult with a consumer attorney in your area.

    Please note that no attorney-client relationship is created by my answers to questions on the Avvo forum. My responses should not be construed as legal advice, regardless of whether I am admitted to practice in your state or not. I am an attorney in Miami Beach, FL, practicing foreclosure, bankruptcy, credit repair, debt defense, and aviation law. Please consult a lawyer in your state if you seek legal advice.

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