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If a probation officer issues a warrant?

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If the probation officer issues a petition for revocation of probation and the warrant is signed by the judge and the balance of my probation sentence runs out before they find me is the warrant still active and able to arrest me? Or does the warrant expire when the date of probation runs out? I notice from past experience on the warrant is has an expiration date when the probation is terminated but does that date also kill the warrant too?

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Typically the judge signs an order "tolling" your probation which means it stops running, does not expire and will only start running again after you are arrested.

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The clock stops when the judge signs a tolling order (which is sometimes incorporated into the body of the probation revocation itself). So if you have 3 months left and don't get picked up for a year, you still have 3 months left.

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The other attorneys on this board have given you correct information. The "tolling" of your probation will haunt you till you take care of the issues. If you get picked up on a new charge, you are likely to have a hold on you which will prevent you from bonding out. You need to take care of this before it takes care of you. As always, lawyer up ASAP. Good luck.

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