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If a person makes bail on a felony charge in Florida, but doesn't live in Florida, can he return to his home state temporarily?

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Can you make bail in Florida and travel back to your home state to work until you are set to appear?

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As long as the court doesn't make a condition of your bond not to leave and as long as the bail bondsman doesn't care you should be fine.

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It depends on the conditions of the bond or release. When a person is released, the court sets forth various conditions so as to not violate the release. IF the court ordered that a person may not leave the State (or county) then they may not travel back to their home state. If the court is silent on the issue then there is no restriction to travel.

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It is a generally a standard condition of bond that one not leave the court's jurisdiction without prior approval. While many people don't concern themselves with this it can be a problem if something which might effect the bond were to happen while the bondee was out-of-state.

Thus, it is my practice and policy to seek permission, first of the bond agent and then of the court for any out-of-state or out-of-country travel (for in state travel I caution the client, have her/him call her/his bond agent for permission, and only in cases which I deem serious enough do I seek leave of court). If a client of mine wished to reside outside of the jurisdiction during the pendency of her/his case I would not hesitate to seek a Court Order beforehand.

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Generally, Palm Beach County judges do not impose a condition of bond that prohibits you from leaving the State. If the judge did not expressly prohibit you from leaving the state, you are free to go. Of course, don't miss your next court date or you could land back in jail. If you posted bond through a bail bondsman you should let them know so they can keep you advised of any court date changes.

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