If a patient at an alzheimers facility is moved to a state facility why is it the family is not allowed a voice.

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The patient was at the first facility . The patient was a wanderer and did try to get out but he is not a violent person. The facility said he was becoming combative and sent him to a state facility. We were told that the family is responsible for the transport of the patient back to the first facility. The family has not been given the diagnosis of the patient just that the patient is now wheelchair bound. This is very frustrating because he was not at all like this when he went in. It sounds like they have the patient on medication to subdue the patient and again the family was not told this.

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  1. Answered . There is not enough information to answer this question. You need to meet with an attorney that can ask the right questions to try and help you. Sometimes Alzheimer patients and people with dementia will be civilly committed. A civil commitment order is good for up to 30 days. This means that a state hospital can keep the committed person at the facility for up to 30 days and treat him or her. It is hard to tell from your description whether this may have happened or not. In the long run, you can try and have someone appointed as a guardian and conservator for the patient. A family member could serve this role, but so could another individual. You should consider meeting with an attorney who practices in this area for advice.

  2. Answered . You need to get the medical records, see what happened and figure out what the exact situation is so you can properly address the correct issues.

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