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If a lawn maintenance service person take you to court for refusing unfair charge?

Sacramento, CA |

My lawn maintenance service person charged me unfair amount for the service he didn't even provide, after I refused to pay the extra that he requested he threatened to take me to court for that little amount of money. What are my chances of winning if he does take me to court? because I know I am right and he is charging me unfairly. I even paid him more than the service he had provided, and on top of that he charged me extra according to his own calculation. Please help me, thank you in advance and I hope to hear from someone soon.

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    It sounds like at worst a small claims case and one that he may never file. Without a written contract he will have a difficult time prevailing.

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  2. It is quite difficult to tell you your chances of winning without knowing all of the facts. Contact a local attorney for a consultation.

  3. The service provider can sue you in court. Whether or not the service provider will win will depend upon the specific facts. Was there a written contract? Were you presented with a written estimate? Has there been a history of financial transactions with this service provider which would be indicative of what oral agreements existed with respect to work to be performed and the charges for such services? Were you ever provided with a price list of extra charges? How credible are you compared to the service provider?

    Prepare your evidence well. Make a nice, easy to understand story so that the judge will rule in your favor. Be calm in front of the judge, and don't yell. Good luck.

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  4. None can predict a courts decision. Knowing you are right, and convincing others are two different things. Hopefully you have some written contract, pictures, canceled checks, emails to show as evidence of your version of events.

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  5. The $$$ here don't justify ANY further time or effort by you or by him. Call and offer to split the difference. $5 each. Hire someone else.

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  6. In California the limit in small claims court is Limit $7,500. Your lawn maintenance person could file an action against you and it's like a "Judge Judy" scenario. You could also be sued in Superior Court where you could both represent yourselves or hire attorneys. The best thing to do is to work out a compromise. But, if not you will just have to wait to see if you are served with a complaint. Can't say if you will win. Call me or another attorney for free consult.