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If a judge ordered a condition of bond to be no contact with my finance can an exception be made

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we are both involved in same case with same charges however the facts are we had no idea the crime was going to happen and out of fear were unable to stop it our deffence should be the same however when i was still in jail we wrote every day and never spoke of the case why cant i talk to her now??? is there a way to reverse that condition of the bond

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    Your lawyer can file a Motion to Modify Conditions of Bond on your behalf. He/she would then serve the motion on the state and a hearing would be set, unless the state stipulated. Then the stipulation would be sent to the judge for entry of an order modify the conditions of your bond. If no stipulation is reached, your lawyer would argue at the hearing the reasons set forth in your motion as to why the terms of your bond should be modified. It is entirely up to the judge to grant or deny your motion. Don't try to sneak around and hope you won't get caught. If you do, you could find yourself with the bond revoked and in much more trouble.

  2. Only the judge can reverse a condition of bond. Have your lawyer approach the judge and ask about removing the condition.

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  3. I agree with Messrs. Vinas and Nejame. Only a judge can change the conditions of your bond. Hire an attorney to file a Motion to Modify Conditions of Bond. Until this motion is ruled upon, do not have contact, either direct or indirect with her. Do not try to game this. Getting caught having contact (what if you were witnesses to a crime and questioned together by police? Or rear-ended while in a car together?) your bond could be revoked and you could be forced to wait in jail until after your trial.

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