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If a husband abandons his wife and child what rights does she has?

Clinton, MD |
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The husband abandom the household for another woman. Since leaving a year ago, the husband has not been paying anything towards childcare and home maintanance -- a home in which he left in ill-repaired, etc., but the wife still allows him to visit with the child --for the sake of the child. While in the household, the husband was both physical and verbally abusive in front of his child towards her.

Upon leaving, the husband indicated he wanted nothing, but after the wife made extensive, costly hazardouse repairs that he left to the home after he left, he nows say that he has changed his mind and nows wants half of the house and joint legal custody to the child. -even though he left the home in shambles. What is the wife rights?

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Based on the information you provided, it appears you have several grounds for divorce. Maryland is an equitable property state. As a result, if he abandoned you in the house and you made repairs, it is likely, the court will credit you with more equity in the house than your husband. For now, keep any receipts, invoices, and before and after photographs. It may also be helpful if the person who worked on your house is available to testify if your husband challenges the condition of the house before he left.

If you have further questions please contact me. I am licensed in Maryland and have a family law practice.

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