If a friend was accused of raping a girl underage and the family want to hurt him and have tried numerous time what should he d

Asked almost 2 years ago - Abilene, TX

they have not notified the police and he is scared for his life

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    Answered . Your friend is in a tough situation. A group of people in the local community want to hurt him for something they think he has done wrong. I presume he can't go to the police because of the rape allegation . . .

    Regardless of what he may have done illegally, the family of the girl is not legally justified in physically hurting him. He has the right to defend himself with whatever force is reasonably believed to be immediately necessary to defend himself from another's use or attempted use of unlawful force. He can also move away if he thinks his safety depends on it.

    That being said, he probably doesn't want to have to walk around the rest of him life looking over his shoulder either. As long as he is not charged, he can always relocate to another area and start a new life. This may sound extreme, but it is an option.

    As far as the rape allegation goes, if it is at all true, or if the allegation is going to made made, he needs to get counsel from a reputable local lawyer there- someone who can help him.

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    Answered . If your friend is being accused of rape he needs to talk with a criminal defense lawyer, now.

    If he is being threatened he should perhaps find a place to hole up until he can talk to that lawyer.

    If there are attempts to hurt him, he should call the police but first talk to the lawyer unless he feels he is in danger. See the link below about talking to the police.

    Are we talking rape, or consensual sexual intercourse with an underage person? Both are serious but there is a legal and moral difference.

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    Answered . I'm sorry, it's difficult to understand your situation from the description here. Please see this Guide for some tips on how to write an effective question:

    If a person's been threatened with physical harm, they should usually contact the police. If they've been accused of a crime, they should consult with a criminal defense attorney, in private. It's not quite clear from the question which applies here.

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