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If a final restraining order is issued can a police officer refuse to screen a violation of that order?

Hillsborough, NJ |

I have a FRO against an x who continues to violate it. She does this continue sly and when I report the violations to the police they refuse to screen it through a judge or a prosecutor. I am simply advised to file my own charges in municipal court. In the past I was assaulted while leaving court after filing charges, this resulted in another denial of the police screening it. On the reverse when she makes a claim it immediately is screened resulting in 7 TRO's being put against me all having been dismissed. In addition 14 municipal charges have been charged with the police finding probable cause and they too all were dismissed. Is it legal for them to screen her consistent claims and refuse to screen mine? she has been found guilty of crimes against me. I have never committed any.

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  1. If you have an FRO against anyone, and you show the police the FRO and allege a violation of it, they are required to do something about it. If they do not, go to a Judge in Superior court and action will be taken.

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  2. You should bring your Final Restraining Order to your local police station, sit with an officer and explain the violation. I do not understand why they are not following through.

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  3. Generally no. Bring your FRO to the Captain of the police department, and explain the situation that you are having. If that does not work, my colleagues are correct, bring the matter to a Judge in the Superior Court.

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