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If a case on CCAP is listed as "filed only" what does this mean?

Milwaukee, WI |

There has been an investigation going on for about a month now. As of beginning of September, the DA still had no information. This past Friday, now a case is listed on CCAP as a filed only case. Does this mean the DA still has to review the case? The offender has not heard anything from anyone about a new case, new charges, or court dates.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. It means that an initial appearance has not occurred yet, but a criminal complaint has been filed.

  2. It means the DA has reviewed the case and decided to issue charges by filing a criminal complaint. As the previous answer indicated, no appearance in court has taken place. The first appearance in court by a defendant in a criminal case is called the initial appearance, where the defendant is given a copy of the criminal complaint, informed of the charge(s) he faces and the maximum penalties for that/those charge(s), and the issue of bail is addressed. After the initial appearance, the entry on CCAP will change.

  3. It means that the case is just filed. It hasn't had an initial appearance yet.

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