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If a 16 year old girl left home because abused by her mum , if her parents contact police will her be sent back home ?

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her parents adopted her since she was a baby , but then when she was 9 she got physically abused by her mum , she doesn't dare to tell any one about it because no one believe her because her mum will make a lot of " stories " to hide the truth , she decide to leave home , if her mum contacts the police , will the girl be send home or continue stay outside if she wants ? ( She has pictures taken after her mum beat her / kick her / thrown things on her that causes wounds ) Please do help , thank you !

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  1. What is your relationship to the minor? She really needs to tell a trusted adult or friend of this problem and it needs to be reported to the police and/or DCFS - preferably not DCFS. If a 7 year old incident is now coming out, it may be difficult to prove. Whoever is harboring the minor could be in trouble unless given proper permission to do so. In other words, a lot of facts are missing and a lot of questions need to be answered. Please bring your concerns to the attention of an attorney where you can discuss this matter in a confidential setting.

    The minor can refuse to go home but this brings up a lot of other issues. The minor can speak to the local police youth office for guidance.

    Again - Someone needs to discuss this with a lawyer.

  2. There are too many unanswered questions here to answer this properly.
    1. Who are you?
    2. Where is the 16 year old staying now? and with who?
    3. Is the 16 year old going to school?
    4. Who else has she told about her abuse?

    She needs to tell a trusted adult. A teacher, counselor, doctor, pastor, youth minister, principal, police officer.

    If you are her boyfriend or underage she cannot continue to stay with you. If you are an adult who is not related to her you could get in trouble for harboring a minor.

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  3. It is impossible to answer this question given how many other facts/details would have to be known to provide you with proper counsel. Consult with an attorney.

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