I would like to do Business In USA wants to know the procedure?

Asked over 1 year ago - North Little Rock, AR

1st I came on B1 visa to US for 6 months and went back to home country in 5 months got married and now came back with wife on B2, and wanted to start a new Small/Medium Business in USA wants to know the procedure and documents checklist. Also looking for a lawyer to help me with this.

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  1. Carl Michael Shusterman


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    Answered . If you are a citizen of a country with a treaty with the U.S., you may be eligible for an E-2 Treaty Investor visa.

    Please click the link at the very bottom for additional information.

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  2. F. J. Capriotti III

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    Answered . If you have more than $100,000 ... depending on your country of origin, or more than $500,000 irrespective of country of origin, it might be possible.

    Meet with an immigration lawyer before you spend any money on a business

    PROFESSOR OF IMMIGRATION LAW for over 10 years -- This blog posting is offered for informational purposes only. It... more
  3. Ari J Sauer


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    Answered . What visa options are available, if any, depend on a number of factors, including: your nationality, the amount of money you will be investing in the US company, where the money for the investment is coming from, the expected size of the company, the number and types of employees that will work for the company. whether or not you own any other companies abroad, how much time you plan to spend in the US, etc. This is not really the type of question that can be answered on this forum, as it is very specific to your situation. You should consult with an immigration lawyer.

    Ari Sauer
    Memphis Immigration Lawyer

    Disclaimer: The information here is for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon without first... more
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