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I would like to add my husband's name to my property. I fear if anything happens to him, his daughter will seek monetary value

Bloomsburg, PA |

of his % of the property. How can I prevent this from happening?

Thank you

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    My understanding is that you own property in your own name. You want to have your husband share title with you. You fear, however, that if he dies, his daughter will seek his interest in the property. If that is correct, you have multiple options. The simplest is to convey to yourself and your husband as tenants by the entireties or as joint tenants with right of survivorship. In either case, if your husband dies the property passes directly to you as a matter of law. The daughter can have no claim, as upon his death there is nothing in his estate to claim. You could also use an inter vivos trust, and there may be other reasons for doing that. However, if your primary concern is to avoid a contest with your stepdaughter, either the joint tenancy or, preferably, the tenancy by the entireties meets your needs.

  2. Your question leaves out so much, it is almost impossible to answer. Why, if you fear the claims of his daughter after his death, would you want to "add his name" to your property? If you don't get along with his daughter now, just wait until you and she (as his heir) share ownership of YOUR property. What am I missing here?

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  3. You need to explain WHY you want to do what you propose. Usually attorneys look at the goals of their clients, and fashion a plan that meets them. You are proposing a solution, leaving us to guess at your goals.

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