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I worked for a private dentist and he laid me off during my maternity leave and then when i filled for unemployment he saidi qui

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he said i quit on a legal document. and that was not the case we spoke numerous of times about me returning and now its really hard for me finding a job i think he is giving me a bad recomadation I have 5 plus years in my field it should be easy but hes making my life a living hell and hes done this to other girls in the past what should i do???

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Did you appeal the unemployment decision? If so, you'll get a chance to prove that you were laid off, as opposed to quitting.

As for the recommendation, there isn't a lot that you can do. For starters, you don't actually know whether he is giving you a bad recommendation. Even if he is, recommendations by former employers have considerable legal protection. You would have to prove that he is saying things that he knows are false, as opposed to expressing opinions.

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If the dentist has 15 or more employees you may be able to file a claim for pregnancy discrimination. If he knowingly makes a false statement to another employer, saying that you quit, when you did not quit, you may also have a defamation claim. You can also appeal the denial of unemployment benefits.

This is not intended to be legal advice, but is only for general information. Cantact an attorney in your area for legal advice.

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