I worked for a private company with three owners for ten years before they closed in 09 owing me 4k in back commission.

I have commission sheets printed. They told me to get a lawyer. Have I waited to long? Do I have recourse to get the 4k owed to me?

Jacksonville, FL -

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Andrew Michael Bonderud

Andrew Michael Bonderud

Litigation Lawyer - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

In Florida, the statute of limitations for oral contracts is four years. For written contracts, it's five years. So, either way, time is running out for you, or perhaps, it's already passed.

Whether or not you have recourse depends on the facts and circumstances of your employment arrangement -- and whether the private company was incorporated but is now dissolved.

You should reach out to an attorney and provide him with all of the details of your case, so that you can understand what your options are, if you have any.

Best of luck,
Andrew M. Bonderud, Esq.
The Bonderud Law Firm, P.A.

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Eric J Camm

Eric J Camm

Business Attorney - Seattle, WA

As stated in the previous answer, get an experienced litigator to look at this ASAP to determine where you stand with the statute of limitations.

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Robert Edward Fenster

Robert Edward Fenster

Personal Injury Lawyer - Altamonte Springs, FL

is it OK to presume the business closed because it was failing to make money and has none to pay you with?

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