I worked for a company and planned to resign. They came to me with a counter offer and a covenant not to compete....

As a condition of staying they gave me a slight pay increase and told me that I could work from home 2 days a week. A month later AFTER I signed the covenant not to compete they told me that I could no longer work from home twice a week and that I needed to be in the office everyday. In addition to that they have some pretty shady business practices the owner intentionally did not pay employees & asked our mngmt team to have us tell everyone that the checks were coming to buy more time. In addition to that the IRS has put a lien on her business AND law suits are pending from her not paying employees & because I work for the company some bad things were written about me on the internet in being associated with this company. I left the company. But did they violate the contract?

Raleigh, NC -

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Kirk J. Angel

Kirk J. Angel

Employment / Labor Attorney - Concord, NC

The only contract that I see would be the covenant not to compete. I highly doubt there is anything in that contract that the company violated. If you are referring to the oral agreement that you would get a pay increase and work from home, that will likely not be an enforceable contract. I recommend that you consult with an experienced employment attorney about the covenant not to compete.

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