I worked for a company and I had an emergency whereas I passed out and instead of coworker calling 911 first she called the boss

That coworker was fired on the spot and then my hours was cut short and I went from doing a great job at work to someone who was at fault for others mistakes just because I worked with any other coworker. Mistakes were made by others but I get yelled at cause I was there and should have stop them. When I questioned why my hours was cut I was told of cut backs but yet they continued to hire and new staff member got more hours than me. Finally, I am fired 45 days after I had collapse at work. I only been late once and only missed 1 day of work.

Las Vegas, NV -

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Ryan Alexander

Ryan Alexander

Personal Injury Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

An employer can fire you for any reason, including no reason, as long as it doesn't include anything in the "protected classes" which include:
Equal Pay
Gender Identity or Expression
National Origin
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation

Like Nicholas mentioned, there *may* be something related to disability here if that was impeding your employment, but it doesn't jump out at me. Actually your comment clears up a lot, since there was the issue with the storage boxes, and they *can* fire you for that or anything related to it without any recourse for you.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.
Nicholas M. McLeod

Nicholas M. McLeod

Employment / Labor Attorney - New Berlin, WI

You may have protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act and state law equivalents if your hours were cut and you were terminated because of a disability or because management perceived you as disabled after you collapsed.

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