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I worked for a big corporation for 6 months and was physically and sexually harassed almost everyday. Do I have a case??

New Haven, CT |

While working for a huge corporation I was touched inappropriately, called nasty names about my weight, called sexual names like fag, told that me and my actual boss were butt buddies. I believe almost everything was caught on surveillance camera but they told me no. I have a few instances on audio. They also broke the Fair Labor Act but letting me work overtime and not paying for it and also by letting me take a weeks vacation but still having me put my time in like I was there. I did not know this was illegal and against the law. What can I do, I NEED HELP. They also asked me to become a vendor which I did and after I told HR about this they didn't renew my contract and I didn't get any work as a vendor. I was an actual employee of their BTW.

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  1. Was there anything written and filed in your or any other employees HR files regarding these incidents? Based on what you have written the best thing you can do is meet with an experienced employment law attorney in New Haven, CT.

    This information does not create an attorney-client relationship nor does it constitute legal advice. Evaluate this information and independently decide how to proceed. Consult an attorney who practices in the county in question.

  2. Yes, hire an employment attorney as soon as possible in your area. Avvo has a Find a Lawyer tool

    The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.

  3. You may very well have a case. See a local employment attorney as soon as possible. These cases have very strict (and often short) time frames, so please don't delay. Good luck.

  4. The inappropriate touching may constitute a battery. Although certainly offensive, name-calling with respect to a person's weight is generally speaking not prohibited. Name calling of a sexual variety, however, can and often does rise to the level of sexual harassment, particularly if it is coupled with inappropriate touching. Whether the failure to pay overtime violates the Fair Labor Standards Act may depend on what your job duties were and whether you met one of the exemptions.

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