I work for American Airlines. I feel management is not protecting me. They have allowed personal information to become public.

Asked over 1 year ago - Durham, NC

They have allowed my direct supervisor to undermind me by spreading rumors and innundo about me. Also serveral disciplinary actions taken against me have be may public before I was informed. I am almost never backed up when dealing with a dispute with a passenger when I am simply following the rules

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    Answered . Unfair treatment is not prohibited in North Carolina. You may be able to file a claim of unlawful discrimination if the unfair treatment is base on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability or age over 40. Unless the information that has become public is medical/health information, or its disclosure is prohibited by a collective bargaining agreement (i.e. a union contract), then there is likely nothing you can do about its release.

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    Answered . Even non-managerial employees need to have some measure of business sense. You are complaining that your employer doesn't back you up in disputes with customers? OF COURSE NOT! Be Grateful!

    Employers do not have a legal or ethical obligation to "back up" employees in disputes with customers. In many businesses it is to the advantage of the business if a managerial or executive employee of the company "backs down" from the position taken by the front-line employee, and offers the customer or client some face-saving conciliation. This is savvy sophisticated business technique that costs the employing business nothing.

    The sensitivities and egos of the employees are not part of this calculation. The customer dispute dance is part of what employees get paid for.

    Do you not realize that your employer's interests are your interests in the big picture? What is good for your employer is good for you as an employee. Just try getting paid by a company that went out of business or one that got eaten by a competitor.

    This is not about you -- as so many things in the big world are not. Let go of this narrow and short-sighted need to be coddled and get on your employer's team. Or go find a warm fuzzy job where your employer and you both believe that your needs trump the interests of the business.

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    Answered . Your situation is unfortunate. Your remedy may depend largely upon whether your employment is governed by some agreement, either through an existing labor agreement with the airline or otherwise. The documents may specify how the company will protect your private information, including your disciplinary records. If there is an agreement/employment manual, you should consult the grievance procedure. If there is a union, obviously you should consult the appropriate representative. Otherwise, you should look to address the matter with the company human resources. Its a sensitive situation, given that you appear to be actively employed. If the situation can not be resolved internally, you should consult with an attorney specializing in labor and employment matters, not privacy. (I have added those fields to your query to solicit such inout.) There is little recourse under privacy laws for the situation you describe, unless actual injury is suffered.

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