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I work at a company for the past year and four months...I have a very well extablished work history before this.

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Everything was o.k until the human resource assistant was promoted to general manager (This is a call center). The general manager employs friends to work there and also hired her brother to do maintenance. This is where the problem begins. This man is a raunchy,creep and one night I was working nigh shift. (I am paid a small salary and am required to work sometimes 48-50 hours a week. This man has approached me before saying some sexually explicit things. I told him that he can not talk to me that way and if he doesnt respect me then at least respect his sister. Not long after when working this night he came in the room I was working and proceeded to explicitly say things to me that I have never heard anyone im my life ever say. Even when I chased him out of my room, I was so humiliated and my co-worker did not know this because these horrible things were being whispered to me. This went on for around 2 hours until I left never feeling so humiliated. I was so reluctant to tell my husband because all the way home I kept wondering if I could have done more to make him stop. Even though I had told him each time he even came over to me to get out of my room and I guess my co-workers thought it was a joke when I jumped out of my chair and chased him out of my room. He came back anyway. I was inconsolible when I came home and after trying to calm me down, my husband and I decided I would let the general managers boss know. I sent him an e-mail to call me and he did. I proceeded to tell him what happend and he completely understood. I told him I was going to get a lawyer and he asked that I take a couple days off first and for me to be sure that the person who said these things no longer has a job there. I told this boss that I feared the general manager would try and retaliate because this was her brother. I was assured this would not happen. I was supposed to have a meeting with this boss, my GM and her brother but only my GM and her brother were there. Her brother denied he said anything and I felt like I was never going to be believed even though I stated the facts just like I did to the GM's boss. I would have quit then but would be homeless if I do not have a job. My GM stated this was never ever to be talked about again and I had to sign a waiver never to speak of it. (She had to sign it to never to speak of it also.) I was not happy with the way things were handled I was less stressed to put it behind me. I just did not understand why My GM"s boss assured me that person no longer has a job there and he was there 2 nights later
A month or two ago a call center manager was hired and imagine my shock when after shift was over on Thursday January 15th he came over to me in the parking lot and said ("Oh I read your file on your sexual harrassment case,I guess I wasnt supposed to have access to it but she put it on the company intranet!!!!) I feel that is a brazen Breech of Confidentiality and have never been so stressed out in my life. The person who told me this was posted has a room mate who works for the corporate office and he also showed him and god knows how many more people. This person also stated "This explains why she has a personal vendetta against you" I actually never said that to anyone but it was his assumption because of the way I am treated at team meetings. I have been crying since and dont know how I am going to go back to work tomorrow. By the way I did call an attorney in October and was told that if she continues to act badly then to call him back but Please Help as I do feel a breech in confidentiality was done and feel this was done on purpose. Where do I go from here

I have been put back on an antidepressant and must take at least 3 anti-anxiety tablets a day because of this. Also the new call center manager was told when he was hired to stay away from me. Please Help I can not bring myself to even stay at this job another day and would have quit but due to the economy we live check to check and help take financial care of my grandchild and my mother

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  1. That is a terrible situation. Please go talk again to an employment lawyer. If you cannot do that, then go talk to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). It appears to me that you have a classic "hostile work environment" sexual discrimination case brewing.

    Good luck. Now please go get some legal help. Do it for your health and your loved ones.

  2. I agree with the previous poster. You need to talk to an attorney. Keep looking until you find one who will take your case. You might also have a claim for unpaid overtime. In some situations, people on salary are entitled to overtime. That might be worth looking into.

    Whatever you do, don't quit your job yet, even if you find another job. Get an attorney first to advise you on things to do before you quit that will help your lawsuit.

  3. This is a terrible situation, and you really should not put up with it. Why on Earth are you resorting to looking for help on the internet, instead of calling a lawyer? Get to work on a few different tracks. First, start looking for a different job. You are never going to feel good about working at that place, and you should put your mental and emotional health first. There is no shame in walking away form an abusive situation and finding a better situation for your health. Second, what kind of "waiver" did you sign? Are you really just saying that you signed an agreement to keep your complaint confidential? Make a written request for a copy of your personnel record file, submit the letter to Human Resources (make a copy for your files), and don't take no for an answer. You need that file to show your employment lawyer. Also, make a copy of whatever sexual harassment file is on the intranet, if you can. Show that to your lawyer. Third, pull out your employee handbook, find the sexual harassment policy, complaint procedure, and anti retaliation policy, and go to the Human Resources Vice President or Manager and make your complaint. The the whole story, have specific details memorized, dates and times, specific things that were said, and have your witnesses lined up ready to talk when HR does their investigation. Fourth, there are several good plaintiff's employment lawyers in Philly. Try the National Employment Lawyers Association website ( if you can't find a lawyer that specializes in employment rights.

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